Teaching With Joy

June 2003


by Joy Jones

Whenever my ego gets a little too big for its britches, life always seems to 
find a way cut it down to size.  Here’s a little inspiration on the topic of
HUMILITY, taken from my book, Private Lessons: A Book of Meditations for Teachers.

Life is a long lesson in humility.      James Barrie

     I was at the bank handling a routine transaction when I noticed a
good-looking, twenty-something looking at me. He wasn’t merely looking, he was staring, eying me up and down with great interest.

     “Yeah, I still got it,” I thought to myself smugly.  “I still turn heads.”

     When I walked out the door, I felt a hand on my shoulder.  “Don’t I know
you?” the young man asked me.  It was an old line, but as cute as he was, I
was willing to let it work on me.
     “Well, you do look familiar,” I responded, truthfully.  Was he one of my

     “Didn’t you teach at Brookland School?” he asked.  I had worked there
nearly fifteen years ago.  When I confirmed that I had, he spoke in that tone of voice reserved only for elders, “Don’t you remember me?  You taught me in the fifth grade.”

Today’s lesson:  I keep my ego in check.


Joy Jones is a third generation teacher, a playwright and the author of Between Black Women: Listening With the Third Ear, the acclaimed children’s book, Tambourine Moon, and Private Lessons: A Book of Meditations for Teachers.  You may view her web site at: www.JoyJonesOnline.com.





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