Teaching With Joy

April 2004


Are you feeling hassled, harried and harassed?   Shhh...  itís time to be still.  Here is a thought about slowing down and experiencing TRANQUILITY, taken from my book, Private Lessons: A Book of Meditations for Teachers.

by Joy Jones

In silence one becomes attuned to the energies and forces that are unseen and unheard.                                                                             Iyanla Vanzant

     We spend a lot of classroom time asking students to stop talking.  How often do we take our own advice? 

     A lot of good things happen that donít need conversation - a friendly smile, instrumental music, a good nightís sleep, sharing the sight of a sunset with another person, stirring the batter for a cake, noticing the blueness and brightness of the summer sky, the aroma of coffee brewing, hugging, meditation.  How wonderful it is that there are so many satisfying things that donít require words.

     We live in a highly verbal society and we too frequently assume that being vocal and articulate equals intelligence and importance.  Many of the best blessings in life are enjoyed in silence.

Todayís lesson:  I practice being quiet.

Joy Jones is a third generation teacher, a playwright and the author of Between Black Women: Listening With the Third Ear, the acclaimed childrenís book, Tambourine Moon, and Private Lessons: A Book of Meditations for Teachers.  You may view her web site at: www.JoyJonesOnline.com.

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